There are so many decisions to be made when planning an important event.
San Diego’s weather opens up the opportunity for many outdoor venues for special events. While the character of an outdoor wedding is memorable, the bathroom situation might be less than desirable. After all of the time, energy, money and thought you have put into your big day, you want your guests to be comfortable enough to stay around for whole duration! Arming yourself with some basic knowledge will help lead you to the right decision for your event.  Here are some of the basics you need to know.

Port-a-potties are self contained and feature a toilet that does not have flushing capabilities. Some offer a small sink that patrons can pump by foot to get water flow. There is a high possibility of smell due to the fact that they do not flush. If your event is very casual, this might be the right fit for you. Often times brides and guests dressed in their best do not have the ultimate experience in these facilities.

Mobile luxury restrooms suit events that desire comfort for their guests. These units feature a men’s side with a private urinal and a private toilet and a women’s side with 2 private toilets. The porcelain toilets and urinal are fully flushing and the porcelain sinks have running water on demand.  The hardwood flooring, heating/ air and music streaming add to a comfortable ambiance for all guests using the facilities. Often an attendant is stationed with the mobile luxury restrooms to ensure cleanliness and stocking throughout the event.

Mobile Luxury Restrooms are ideal for weddings, bat/bar mitzvahs, family reunions, concerts, garden walks, festivals and any other events that desire the ultimate comfort for all of their guests.

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